A Mysterious Couple Appeared In Her Yard One Night With Flashlights, And Her Dog Stepped In To Protect Her, But She’ll Never Know If The Couple Was Telling The Truth About Why They Were Trespassing

MoreThanProd - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Dog owners everywhere know what it’s like to have your dog bark at just about anything near your front door.

Whether it be the mailman or a tiny squirrel hopping from a tree, dogs can go off on just about anything. But has your dog ever alerted you to real danger?

One woman recently shared a story about a time when her dog’s barking saved her from potential intruders.

At the time, she lived with her dog and roommate in a one-story duplex. One night, after midnight, she was playing games in her bedroom when she heard her dog barking.

“Every now and then, she does this because there’s a squirrel or a bush moved or something,” she explains.

When she got up to look out the window and prove to her dog that there was nothing outside, there actually was something outside. Yikes!

Through her fence, she could see the headlights of a car and other individual lights bobbing up and down around in front of her house. She realized that people were walking around her home with flashlights.

That night she was slightly under the influence, so feeling brave and uninhibited, she stepped outside in her pajamas with her dog to investigate what was going on.

Her dog continued to bark at a well-dressed man and woman in front of their car, who seemed startled once she had come outside.

MoreThanProd – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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