Her Friend Let A Girl Stay At Her Apartment, But Then They Found Hair Rubbed Into The Carpet, A Huge Bloodstain, And All Her Friend’s Valuables Were Gone

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It’s important not to ignore your intuition, or you might just regret it later on. Following your gut instinct can help you avoid dangerous situations.

A TikToker who goes by the name Lolo (@heyitslolo90) is from England, and she’s sharing a story about how her overly trusting friend may have let a potential murderer stay in her apartment while she was on vacation.

Her friend met a girl, and they started hanging out with each other pretty often. One day, her friend invited her out to dinner with them. From the moment she met that girl, she was overcome with a bad feeling, but she didn’t know why because the girl was perfectly nice and hadn’t wronged her in any way.

The girl even paid for her food and on the way home, the girl gave her friend her own jacket because it was raining out. Still, Lolo could sense that something was off. Then, her friend decided to go on vacation to Bali.

During that time, Lolo was living in Japan, so they were both out of their home country. Her friend was letting the girl stay at her apartment because she knew the girl’s place didn’t have heat.

Two weeks after Lolo arrived back from Japan, her friend returned from her vacation. Lolo picked her up at the airport, and that’s when her friend told her that something freaky had happened. While her friend was away, she received a phone call from her landlord, informing her that her locks had been changed because of a disturbance.

Later, Lolo and her friend went to the apartment to see what had happened. When they entered the apartment, they saw bunches of black hair rubbed into the carpet, which was already incredibly odd, but the girl also had blonde hair.

The girl had ransacked the entire apartment, stealing all of Lolo’s friend’s expensive clothes, valuables, and important documents. She helped her friend clean the place up, which took them three days to do.

During that time, the landlord stopped by to talk to her friend about the disturbance. Apparently, there had been an extremely foul odor coming from her apartment. The stench was so strong that everyone in the building could smell it.

PhotoBook – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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