After She Posted A Video Saying It Made Her Sad To Watch Her Parents Wait For Customers To Walk Into Their Empty Restaurant, People Flocked There To Eat And Show Their Support

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The power of social media was made apparent after a daughter posted a clip of her parents’ empty Vietnamese restaurant to TikTok, and it blew up, amassing over one million views. And suddenly, the restaurant was swarming with customers.

In the viral video, TikTok user Jennifer Le (@jennifer3rle) filmed her father leaning over the counter, gazing glumly out at the restaurant, devoid of diners.

“It makes me so sad to see my parents just wait for customers to walk through the door to eat at their Vietnamese restaurant,” Jennifer wrote in the text overlay of the short clip.

Soon enough, the comments section became flooded with words of encouragement and vows to visit the restaurant.

After receiving mounds of support, Jennifer posted a follow-up video, thanking viewers for engaging with the post and bringing attention to her parents’ business.

The restaurant, Lee’s Noodle House, is located in Santa Rosa, California. In yet another video, Jennifer recommended some of her favorite dishes off the menu, along with accompanying photos of the food.

“So this is our banh mi, which is the barbecue pork sandwich. So it comes with soy sauce, mayonnaise, cucumber, cilantro, cut-up carrots, and it’s my favorite. It’s so good; it’s only $6.95,” she said.

Next is the steak brisket and meatball soup. It comes with a side of bean sprouts, jalapeños, lemon, and basil. A large costs $12.95, and a small is $11.95.

Jennifer also recommends the barbecue pork and eggroll vermicelli. It consists of white vermicelli noodles with sliced lettuce and cucumbers on top and a side of fish sauce.

dvulikaia – – illustrative purposes only

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