After This Teen Boy Was Approached Again By A Classmate Who Kept Stalking Him, He Called Her Creepy And Threw Her Cupcake Gift In The Trash 

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This young man is currently 18-years-old and a senior in high school. But, for the past few months, he claims that a creepy girl– who is also 18– has been following him around.

In fact, she is not even just tailing him in the hallways. Instead, he has also caught the girl recording him on multiple occasions.

“And one of my friends showed me this entire invasive Tumblr page that she made with edited pictures of me and her as a couple,” he revealed. Yikes.

So, he tried to confront her and tell her to stop following him around. Every single time, though, the girl reportedly scampered away as soon as he started telling her off.

Then, he was even forced to block the girl on social media after she kept sending him detailed messages about all of “her weird fantasies” with him.

He did report all of this to the dean of his school, too. But, he claimed that the dean was completely useless– along with his parents.

“My parents don’t care at all about how she is creeping me out. They think I should be flattered,” he explained.

So, after one more incident a few weeks ago, he was pushed over the edge and completely lost it on the girl.

It all began during lunch when she approached him with a small box of cupcakes. Now, he claimed to know for a fact that the girl had ditched class just to stalk him and figure out what cafeteria he was eating lunch in– because, apparently, one of his friends had physics class with the girl during his lunch period.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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