Her Parents Bought Her An Apartment, But After They Allowed Her Younger Brother To Move In Too, She Moved Out

alonesdj - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

How would you feel about your sibling moving into your college apartment with you?

One college student is facing backlash from her parents after moving out of the off-campus apartment they purchased after her partying younger brother moved in.

When she chose which college she wanted to attend, her parents decided to purchase an apartment near the campus. It was an investment, and since she’s quite introverted and somewhat anti-social, it was the perfect place to live all by herself. 

Things were going great in the apartment for two years, and her being able to have her own space made her a little more social. She even met her boyfriend at the campus store!

Then, things started falling apart with her living situation when her little brother graduated high school and decided to go to the same school as her. But, instead of him starting in the dorms, he convinced his parents to let him move into the apartment with her. 

“I lasted one semester,” she explained. “Since he had an off-campus residence, my apartment became party central.”

She tried to get her parents to talk to her brother and get him to quiet things down around the apartment, but they told her to “lighten up.” So, she decided to move out.

She was able to get a single room in one of the campus dorms and took her most important things out of the apartment.

Things were going really well, and she decided not to tell her parents about her move. But of course, her brother told them. 

alonesdj – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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