She Made The Guest Table Centerpieces For Her Friend’s Wedding But Realized The Bridal Table Centerpieces Were More Extravagant, So She Actually Accused Her Friend Of Trying To Upstage Her

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This 26-year-old woman loves making elegant floral arrangements. And even though she doesn’t have a business per se, she has made arrangements and centerpieces for family members’ and friends’ events in the past.

So, last year, a 23-year-old woman named Sadie reached out to her. Apparently, Sadie claimed to like her work. Then, she got asked if she would be willing to make centerpieces for the guest tables at Sadie’s wedding.

Now, she clarified how Sadie is actually her close friend’s cousin. So, while she had seen Sadie around and spoken to her on occasion, the pair definitely were not close friends.

Regardless of that, she wound up agreeing to make the centerpieces, and she worked with Sadie to figure out her vision. Sadie even invited her to attend the wedding, too.

“I also asked if she wanted something for the bridal table, but Sadie said that was already covered,” she added.

Anyway, Sadie’s wedding was just last week. And upon arriving, she thought the guest table centerpieces looked beautiful, and everything had turned out great.

But then, she saw the bridal table– which reportedly had very extravagant and stunning centerpieces. And she was shocked.

So, she approached Sadie and asked who made the bridal centerpieces– since she obviously had not. Then, she learned that Sadie had actually made those specific centerpieces herself.

Plus, the only reason why she was asked to make the centerpieces for the guest tables was that Sadie did not have enough time to do all of them. And for some reason, she was so angry about that.

ver0nicka – – illustrative purposes only

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