He Found Out His 23-Year-Old Son Lied About Being Gifted An Xbox From His Girlfriend And Was Actually Just Refusing To Give It Back, So He Went Off On His Son, Returned The Xbox, And Now His Son Is Furious

By this point, he believed that the pair just needed to figure everything out on their own. But he kept getting dragged into the drama.

Just last weekend, Tonya actually went over to his house and approached him while he was in the garage. Now, his wife and son were not home at that point, but Tonya wanted to talk.

During their conversation, she explained everything that had happened and even showed him her text history with Elijah.

Basically, he found out that one of Tonya’s roommates had stolen from her. Then, two days later, she purchased an Xbox and had it delivered to her place. But, since she was afraid the new game console would get stolen, she asked his son to hold onto it until she found a new place to live.

“I haven’t even opened it yet; it just sucks I’m living with a thief. When I come over, let’s set it up so at least you can use it,” one of the texts reportedly read verbatim.

He also realized that Elijah had acknowledged the entire situation. Plus, aside from the Xbox situation, he learned how his son had been treating Tonya really badly.

“The more I read, the more livid I became. The things my son said to her, speaking to her in such an extremely condescending manner. I was mortified,” he revealed.

“This is not the son I raised.”

So, he ultimately took Tonya into his son’s room and packed up the Xbox for her. During that time, he was in total shock about his son and started asking more questions about their relationship.

He found out that the fight between Elijah and Tonya actually started because his son had forgotten her birthday. Then, after she confronted him days later, he had the nerve to toss her a wrinkled shirt that still had a $10 price tag on it.

This disgusted him– especially after how much Tonya did for his son’s birthday. In fact, Tonya went over to his house, helped his wife decorate, and threw a whole party for Elijah.

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