He Tried To Use His Late Wife’s Jewelry As A Bribe In Order To Convince His Daughter To Attend His New Fiancée’s Baby Shower

Levon - - illustrative purposes only

This 52-year-old man has a 29-year-old fiancée who is currently six months pregnant. So, in anticipation of the baby’s delivery, his fiancée has been planning a baby shower.

The event is supposed to take place in March, and the couple has invited all of their “nearest and dearest” friends and family members.

While planning the baby shower, though, his fiancée told him that she would love it if his 23-year-old daughter was in attendance.

Apparently, his soon-to-be wife wants his daughter to have a good relationship with the baby– who they found out will be another girl.

On top of that, his fiancée planned some games for the party that would reportedly work out better if his daughter was there.

But there is one massive problem with this plan– his daughter and his fiancée reportedly do not see eye-to-eye on anything.

First of all, he does not even really have a great relationship with his daughter. In fact, he claims that she is in very low contact with him– which means that his daughter does not even speak to his fiancée unless there is “an urgent need to do so.”

And according to him, this fallout was the result of a series of arguments that occurred over the last few years.

Still, he wanted to make his expectant fiancée happy. So, he ended up reaching out to his daughter and his daughter’s wife to see if they would consider going to the baby shower for his sake.

Levon – – illustrative purposes only

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