She’s Upset That Her Mom And Dad Spend Tons Of Money On Luxury Things While She’s Having A Hard Time Paying For Her Own Bills, And She Feels They’re Just Throwing Away Any Money That She Stands To Inherit

alfa27 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 40-year-old woman currently resides in a country where the cost of living has only skyrocketed lately.

This has become such a crisis that she’s having a hard time paying for her own bills, yet her 70-year-old parents are spending money like crazy on luxury things.

Her mom and dad’s spending habits are really becoming a monumental problem in the relationship that she does have with them.

Now, her parents come from generations of money. Her mom and dad both went to very pricey private schools, and their own parents had tons of money.

After graduation, her grandpa just gave her dad a job as a partner at a top law firm. Then, her parents welcomed her into the world in the 80s, and then they had her brother 2 years later.

Her mom and dad really did treat her brother like the golden child, while she got dumped to hang out with her grandmother all of the time.

“But when I was 10, and they were 40, the age I am now, my mother inherited a…load of money, and they bought a huge 30-room mansion in the center of our town outright – no mortgage,” she explained.

“I went to local state schools. I was bullied and ended up going to literally every school in town because my mother cut my hair herself (very short); I wore free glasses and second-hand clothing. I rarely got Christmas and birthday presents, and never birthday parties.”

Her fellow classmates just couldn’t understand why she lived with her parents in an actual mansion, yet her mom forced her to work for her dad, earning less than minimum wage to pay for things.

alfa27 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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