He Wants To Buy Himself A $500 Gaming Console, But His Wife Expects Him To Let Her Spend $500 On Something For Herself Too, And He Doesn’t Want To Because He Just Dropped $10,000 Paying Off The Credit Card Debt She Accumulated

Liubov Levytska - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old guy has been married to his 28-year-old wife for 6 years now, and 3 years ago, his wife stopped working.

Unfortunately, the company his wife was working for filed for bankruptcy, and then the pandemic hit, which made it close to impossible for his wife to find another job in her specific industry.

She changed plans to be a stay-at-home mom after she gave birth to their child a year ago, and so he’s the one earning all of the money in their family.

They do have a joint bank account, and all of their bills are paid from that specific account. Also, he and his wife have separate bank accounts.

His separate account serves as his savings account, and he puts half of his income into their joint account while the rest goes into savings.

“I give my wife $100 a week for her personal account for helping around the house and with our kid,” he explained.

“But if she needs something that’s shared for the house or gas money that comes from the joint account. We also go shopping weekly for groceries, and all that comes from the joint account too.”

“She has access to all the money, but I don’t let her spend too much, so that’s why she gets an allowance. She usually just uses her personal money for clothes. Last week she bought a new pair of expensive boots.”

Aside from all of that, his wife did end up racking up a ton of credit card debt that had nothing to do with him, but he mentioned he would pay it for her as she has no way of making money.

Liubov Levytska – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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