Her Grandma Gave Everyone At Her Funeral One Last Laugh With Her Ouija Board Cards

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One grandmother with a sense of humor gave the guests at her funeral one last laugh.

Jodie Perryman passed away from cancer at the age of 81. But before she died, she took the opportunity to crack a joke. She definitely seemed like the type of woman who loved to laugh!

A TikToker named Devin (@its.devinlee) shared the cards that her grandmother wanted to be handed out at her funeral. The eight-second clip blew up on TikTok and has received over three million views.

In the video, Devin opened up the card to reveal a hilarious message. On the top half of the card, there is a photo of Jodie sticking out her tongue and raising a specific finger in the air. The image is situated next to some text that reads: “Let’s keep in touch!”

The bottom half features a picture of an Ouija board. Devin captioned the video, “And I thought my humor was dark.”

Several TikTok users shared similar experiences about their own iconic relatives who made life lighter for the loved ones they left behind upon their deaths.

“My mum had ‘this girl is on fire’ played as she was being cremated. Your Grandma is amazing,” commented one user.

“My uncle wrote his own obituary in the newspaper. It began with the words..I am dead now…” shared another.

“My mom paid for her cremation ahead of time, so she got her box. We take funny photos of her and the box!” wrote a third.

Lori – – illustrative purposes only

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