Here Are 5 Unique Tarot Card Decks Perfect For Beginners Who Are Looking To Get In Touch With Their Spiritual Side

Image courtesy of Etsy

Tarot card reading has seen a massive resurgence in pop culture. The practice is most often used as a way to gain insight or understanding of a particular life event, theme, or situation. The cards can also serve as a therapy tool, storytelling aid, or journaling prompts.

Now, getting started in tarot as a beginner might be intimidating– since there are numerous cards with different meanings and various ways to set intentions, ask open-ended questions and perform readings.

If you are looking to try your hand at tarot, though, there is one very important step you must take first– finding the right deck.

Since tarot has become seriously popular online, there are now countless different card designs and options to choose from. But you should not just pick out the first one you spot at Target or Walmart. Instead, find a deck that resonates with you; that you get excited just looking at.

Each card in every tarot deck also contains imagery that relates to its theme. So, for a newbie, a deck that features clear imagery might help you interpret meanings easier without immediately running to Google or memorizing each of the cards.

You may also be drawn to a certain tarot deck’s artwork, representation, and size.

At the end of the day, finding a deck that you are eager to get your hands on and start learning about will result in a higher level of spiritual connection.

So, below, we have found five different tarot card decks on Etsy that all feature different themes and imagery. Once you find one that resonates most with you, you can get started on your tarot journey.

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