Here Are 5 Unique Tarot Card Decks Perfect For Beginners Who Are Looking To Get In Touch With Their Spiritual Side

Beginner Tarot Deck – $23.99 

Image courtesy of Etsy

For the ultra newbie, you cannot go wrong with this super informative beginner tarot deck. Each card features creative imagery created in 1909 by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith.

In addition to the classic images, though, these cards also feature everything you need to know about their meanings. The cards have clear keywords, planets, chakras, zodiacs, numerology, and affirmation for the major arcana.

So, with this deck, you can feel empowered to start deciphering your life without needing any secondary resources.

Not to mention, with over 2,400 five-star reviews, this tarot card option is a widely beloved staple among practitioners.

You can get the Beginner Tarot Deck here on Etsy from WitchyCauldronUS starting at $23.99.

Stardust Tarot Deck – $59.99

Image courtesy of Etsy

Are you in love with everything aesthetically pleasing and ethereal? If so, this beautiful tarot card deck might speak directly to your heart.

This complete 78-card deck comes in the traditional tarot format but with a gorgeous design– featuring gold gilt edges and imagery that speaks directly to creative divine feminine energy.

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