Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

ink drop - - illustrative purposes only

Valentine’s Day cards are more accessible to create at home than ever before, especially with all the inspiration you can find online. So ditch the expensive store-bought cards with generic quotes and get crafty by making your own.

It will be much more meaningful and unique. And you won’t have to run the risk of exchanging the same card with someone.

TikToker @studywithsoybean has a couple of easy, cute, and minimalistic design ideas for homemade Valentine’s Day cards that anyone can recreate. And no, you don’t need to have any artistic skills at all!

They also do not require ribbons, glue, scissors, or any other such complicated materials. All you need are a few simple supplies: a sheet of paper, a pencil, a black pen, and some markers.

Doesn’t that sound like a DIY project you can get behind?

For the first one, draw a bunch of tiny hearts on a sheet of paper folded in half. The tiny hearts should come together to make one large heart.

Color the tiny hearts in with a red marker. Then, use a black pen to write “Happy Valentine’s Day” in the center of the large heart.

For the following design, sketch block letters that spell out “Love” but make the O into a shape of a heart instead.

Outline the letters with a thick black pen, except for the O. Color them in with a black marker. Then, color the heart pink.

ink drop – – illustrative purposes only

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