In 2014, Two Young Women Traveled To Panama And Vanished After Going On A Hike: Their Cell Phones And Camera Were Later Found, Revealing Disturbing Images

In the days after the students were reported missing, authorities launched both foot searches in the village as well as aerial searches in the forest.

By April 6, however, Kris and Lisanne still had not been found. So, their families flew to Panama and even brought in detectives from the Netherlands.

Once there, the Netherlands detectives, local police, and dog units combed the forests for 10 whole days. On April 14, the search was scaled down. However, with no answers, the hunt for Kis and Lisanne continued for 10 weeks.

And just as police began to reign in their search, a local woman discovered a blue backpack that she claimed to have found in a rice paddy. Inside the bag, there was $83 in cash, two pairs of sunglasses, two bras, a water bottle, and Lisanne’s passport.

Additionally, the backpack also held both Kris and Lisanne’s cell phones, as well as Lisanne’s camera.

Authorities immediately began combing through the camera and phones and ultimately uncovered unsettling evidence.

The phones both reportedly stayed in service for nearly 10 days after Kris and Lisanne disappeared. But, in the span of four days, the girls had made 77 different attempts to contact the police. These attempts used both 911, the emergency line in Panama, as well as 112, the emergency line in the Netherlands.

So, equipped with these phone records, authorities were able to piece together an outline of the girls’ time spent in the forest.

They found that the first two emergency calls made by the girls were made mere hours after Kris and Lisanne started their hike. But, due to the jungle’s density, neither of these calls went through.

Sadly, this was the reality for nearly all of their emergency call attempts. Only one actually got through– but the connection was lost after only two seconds.

Authorities also learned how on April 6, there had been numerous unsuccessful attempts to unlock Kris’ phone using the wrong PIN number. Following these attempts, the phone was never unlocked successfully again. And on April 11, both phones died.

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