She Dedicated Her Life To Those Who Did Not Have A Voice, And If You’re Passionate About Making The World A Better Place, You Might Find Her Story Inspirational

Furthermore, if a hospital or asylum for the mentally ill already existed in an area, she would still strive to fix it or fine-tune it. She would reorganize, expand, and fill the spaces with better staff. 

In 1845, she published her book, Remarks on Prisons and Prison Discipline in the United States, which called for better treatment of prisoners in the United States, and educated people on what was really going on in these institutions. 

During the Civil War, in 18161, Dorothea was named the Superintendent of Army Nurses by the Union Army. Although she sometimes wasn’t the best administrator, her work during the war was highly respected. Once it was over, she continued her advocacy work for institutions.

When she got older, she moved into one of the hospitals she helped build in Trenton, New Jersey. She worked and wrote correspondence until she passed away on July 17th, 1887, at the age of 85. 

What an amazing life dedicated to people who didn’t have a voice!

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