Next Time You Order Pizza, You’re Definitely Going To Want It Left At Your Door After You Hear This Story About A Terrifying Delivery Guy

Pixel-Shot - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

After hearing this story, I decided that I will most likely stick with the “leave it at my door” option when I order food for delivery from now on. 

It was 2015 when a pair of siblings, a 17-year-old sister, and a 13-year-old brother, were home alone watching scary things on YouTube when she decided to order a pizza. It was a fun night, and they wanted to spend as much time together as possible before she left for college. 

“I’m not one to turn down a pizza, so I naturally agree, and we place an order at a local pizza place,” remembered her brother. “We continue watching our videos for another 15-20 minutes before I step out to use the restroom.”

While in the bathroom, he heard the doorbell ring, and his sister went to get the pizza from the delivery man.

After two minutes, he could still hear them chatting at the door, thinking something was wrong with the payment. His sister shut the front door as soon as he got out of the bathroom, and they went to sit down and eat.

After a while, he noticed something was off about his sister and that she wasn’t eating. After pressing her, he found out that her interaction with the pizza delivery man was far from pleasant. As it turns out, he was super creepy. 

According to his sister, as soon as she opened the door, the delivery driver started checking her out and was smiling at her in a sinister way.

Then, while pretending to fumble with the pizza bag, he started asking her invasive questions like how old she was and if she was home alone. 

“We tried to enjoy the food and move on, and I’d say about an hour or two later, we had finally calmed down about the whole thing,” he explained. “Right as we were getting ready to clean up and go back to our own rooms, there’s a knock at the door, a very loud and aggressive one at that.”

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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