She Gave Everyone An Inside Peek Into The Perks Of Working For A Tech Company In New York City

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Have you ever fallen in love with your office at work? Did you even think that was possible?

Well, if you’re looking for your next dream job where you can work in a luxurious office space, maybe it’s time to consider working for a tech company.

TikTok creator Vivvie (@vivviey) is a young woman working at a tech company in New York City who recently went viral for showing off the incredible office building she gets to work in every day.

Vivvie has written in the comments of her videos that she received an English degree but now works in Ecommerce for the tech company.

“Cool perks of working at a tech company,” writes Vivvie in the caption of her popular video before showing off the amazing space.

The office is amazing, and every floor includes a gorgeous video of the New York City skyline.

Some of the coolest features of the building include an open bar, free breakfast, a game room, fully stocked bathrooms with hygiene stations and hair tools, a candy bar, a sandwich bar, and so much more!

Every room is decorated to the nines so that each space is trendy yet cozy enough to work in.

Although Vivvie doesn’t disclose the name of the tech company in her video, it’s safe to say that we want to work there!

jonbilous – – illustrative purposes only

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