She Got Into A Terrible Car Accident On The Day Of Her Best Friend’s Wedding And Missed It, But Since Her Best Friend Has Shown No Concern For How She Is After The Accident, She Wants To Stop Being Her Friend

“With 15 minutes before the ceremony started, I went back to the house to grab my bag, called BFF to get anything else she may have forgotten, and was driving back to the ceremony when a car attempted to run a red light, turned left in front of me and caused the worst major car accident I’ve ever had,” she explained.

“Airbags deployed, my hearing immediately was gone; I kicked my way out of the car and sat on the curb until an ambulance arrived. I was taken to the hospital to be evaluated, and I missed my BFF’s entire wedding. I was devastated, and I apologized to her through text messages for overshadowing her day.”

“I was finally released at midnight from ER, went back to Airbnb in a brace, badly bruised, with no hearing, and on painkillers.”

The day after she got out of the hospital, she had a list of things to do before getting on a plane home.

She had to run around getting prescriptions, she had to pick up noise-canceling headphones that she could wear on the plane home, and she had to make sure she got photos of the car for her insurance company.

The evening prior to her flight home, her best friend came over to see them, but she was obviously super irritated with her.

Her best friend then questioned her about why she had to drive back to her house in the first place, and she pointed out that she had left her bag behind and was going back for it.

Her best friend ignored her and began speaking to her sister-in-law about something so quietly that she didn’t catch what she said.

Right before her best friend left that night, she was just curt with her. She felt awful about their interaction and tried to let it go as she went to sleep.

“It’s been 2.5 weeks since the accident, and she hasn’t called me to check on me once; she texted me only after I texted to ask how the honeymoon was and went as far as to post photos of the wedding on Instagram and tagged my SIL to say thank you for all of her help multiple times without ever acknowledging my presence or saying thank you to me,” she said.

“I feel deeply hurt and think letting this friendship go peacefully would be the easiest path.”

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