She Made A Hilarious Video About What It’s Like To Get Ready For Bedtime With Her Toddler

Dragana Gordic - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

The bedtime battle is a fight that every parent has with their child. Each night there always seems to be a different excuse for them to stay up for just a few extra minutes.

It’s a challenge to get your toddler settled into bed. It may involve a lot of coaxing, negotiating, and eventually chasing them down the hallway when they inevitably bolt from under the covers.

TikToker Lindsey Gurk (@lindseygurk) is a mother of two toddlers, so she is definitely familiar with the struggle.

In a viral video posted to TikTok, she doubles as a three-year-old toddler in pajamas and a mom attempting to get her son to sleep.

First, she tries to get her toddler to use the bathroom before bed, but the three-year-old insists he didn’t have to go.

So they moved on to brushing their teeth, which for a toddler means showing off cool tricks to mom, such as brushing while standing on one foot.

Then, there’s the negotiation of bedtime stories. Will we read two books or fifteen tonight? In the video, Lindsey (as the mom) convinced Lindsey (as the son) to settle on a deal of three books.

After storytime, he still wasn’t asleep and demanded a drink of water. Once his thirst was quenched, he, of course, had a “question.”

“I made cookies yesterday, and I did not make cookies today,” said her son.

Dragana Gordic – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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