She Spent Just Under $1 Million Dollars On Her Wedding, And Her Friends Are Mad At Her For Not Telling Them How Much It Cost

prostooleh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman and her husband spent an unimaginable sum of money on their wedding, and she admits that it cost them approximately $900,0000 all in.

So, to put things in perspective for you here, when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt tied the knot back in the summer of 2000, they dropped a million dollars on their wedding.

Granted, that was 23 years ago, and normally when you think of someone spending that kind of money to walk down the aisle, royals come to mind.

The breakdown on the Brad and Jen wedding reportedly was $100,000 towards security, $20,000 on fireworks, and $75,000 on flowers.

Anyway, back to this woman’s wedding; her husband paid for the entire thing, and she didn’t have to put any of her own money in.

Her husband is successful in a financial sense, and his family is also extremely well-off, so that’s how they could afford to spend close to a million dollars on their wedding.

“So, my friends attended our wedding and have been bugging me ever since to know about the cost that went into it,” she explained.

“I’ve been lying to them that I don’t know because I know they will hate me for it. Since none of my friends are in a position to have a grand wedding, telling them the cost would make them upset is what I feel.”

“Some of my friends are already upset with me that I had a grand wedding, so no way I’m telling them the cost.”

prostooleh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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