American Girl Has Released New Dolls That Are Part Of Their Historical Collection And Prepare To Feel Old Because The Time Period Is The 90s

Alina Kolyuka - - illustrative purposes only

American Girl has recently released new dolls that are part of their historical collection. But get this–they’re twins growing up in 1999.

As you might predict, the dolls have sent the internet into an uproar. Those who were born in the 1900s are in total bewilderment over the fact that their childhoods now qualify as a historical time period.

Meet the twins, Isabel and Nicki Hoffman, from Seattle. They closely resemble another pair of twins from the 90s–Mary Kate and Ashley.

No doubt that’s where American Girl drew some of their inspiration for the new dolls from.

Isabel is the preppy twin. With her all-pink outfit consisting of a plaid mini skirt, jaunty beret, and cable knit sweater, she’s giving off strong Clueless vibes.

And Nicki is the ultimate skater girl, sporting a backward baseball cap, sneakers, a flannel, and a spaghetti strap dress layered over a gray t-shirt.

Like any other American Girl doll, they come with their own accessories, including a computer with dial-up internet, a cordless landline phone, an inflatable chair, and Tamagotchi. The nostalgia is real!

American Girl made a series of posts on Instagram, debuting the new dolls. One of the posts is an assortment of hilarious memes summing up the experience of growing up in the 90s.

If you know, you know.

Alina Kolyuka – – illustrative purposes only

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