He Accidentally Ruined His Girlfriend’s Teaching Career After He Found Out That She Used To Be A Lingerie Model And Told People About It

Stefanie/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old guy has been dating his 27-year-old girlfriend named Sarah for 3 years now. Sarah works as a teacher, and she adores her career.

Sarah has also had to work incredibly hard in order to advance herself to where she is now in her career.

He thought he kind of knew everything there was to know about Sarah, but several weeks ago, he found some pictures of her on Instagram that really surprised him.

These photos of Sarah depicted her in lingerie, and obviously, what she had on was totally revealing.

“I was shocked and confronted her about it, and she told me that she used to be a lingerie model before becoming a teacher,” he explained.

“She said she stopped doing it because she didn’t want it to affect her career, and she thought I knew about it already.”

“I didn’t know how to react at first, but eventually, I told a few of my friends about it. One of my friends is a gossip and ended up telling someone who works at the school where Sarah teaches.”

These photos of Sarah modeling ended up being sent to the board of Sarah’s school, and when the board saw them, they fired Sarah for behaving in a way that was not professional.

He doesn’t exactly know how the board got access to the photos, but it’s too late now; the damage has been done.

Stefanie/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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