He Honestly Believed It Was Impossible For His Fiancée To Get Pregnant, So When She Told Him That They’re Going To Be Parents, He Didn’t Have The Best Reaction

VadimGuzhva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 31-year-old man has been with his 32-year-old fiancée for 7 years, and he proposed to her in December of 2022.

Now, back when he was only newly dating his fiancée, she mentioned to him that she was not able to have a baby.

She didn’t give him a ton of details as they did not know one another that well, but she brought it up because she didn’t want it to be something he dumped her over.

He replied back to her that it wasn’t a problem for him and they could always explore other options down the line if they wanted to have children.

Well, as they got further into dating, she then told him the real reason why she could not get pregnant; she had suffered from an eating disorder that negatively impacted her body.

“I made sure that she knew how much I loved her because she was kind of ashamed of it, although it’s not really her fault (she was in therapy for this),” he explained.

“The doctors basically told her that it’ll be imposible for her to get pregnant, we talked about our future, and we decided to adopt kids when we were ready to be parents.”

Fast forward to today; they are engaged, they’re about to tie the knot, and they decided they should begin their adoption journey.

VadimGuzhva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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