He Honestly Believed It Was Impossible For His Fiancée To Get Pregnant, So When She Told Him That They’re Going To Be Parents, He Didn’t Have The Best Reaction

Well, lately, his fiancée has not been feeling well, and at first, they thought it was due to her celiac disease.

But then, his fiancée got so sick that she finally went to the hospital. He did not go with her, but when she came home, she reassured him that she was ok and she was acting normal.

“We live near the beach, so yesterday she told me that she wanted to have a picnic there; she told me that she’ll get everything done,” he said.

“So a while before the sun sets, we walk down to the beach. She had prepared some sandwiches that we ate, we also ate some fruit/drank juice, etc.”

“At some point, she tells me that she has a surprise for me and to close my eyes. I do, and she puts a piece of paper in my hand and tells me to open them again. It’s an ultrasound, NGL; my first thought was, “what is this?” then I figured it out.  She was expecting me to say something, so I asked her whose baby is it.”

His fiancée replied that the baby was theirs, and he just laughed in her face before asking her to tell him the truth about whose baby it was.

His fiancée again stated the baby was theirs, but he accused her of taking the photo off the internet and playing a prank on him.

She informed him that it wasn’t a joke at all, and she clearly was no longer in a good mood as she set him straight.

His fiancée became mad and started to walk away and go home. He headed after her, questioning her if she was really telling him the truth.

“She said yes, I got very happy and hugged her, which I think made her a bit less angry,” he continued.

“We picked up our stuff and got back home. She told me that the doctors can’t explain her pregnancy either, she has to do some tests, so we still haven’t told anyone, but she wanted me to know. I feel very sad…because she was just too excited and had planned a surprise for me, but I messed up.”

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