He Told A Mom That He Wasn’t Comfortable With Her Child Sleeping Over At His Daughter’s Birthday Party, And Then This Mom Went Around Telling Everyone That He Uninvited Her Child Completely

The thing is, he has zero experience dealing with children who have autism, and A is not really high functioning at all.

A frequently gets overwhelmed, and then he either shuts down entirely, or he has outbursts.

“I told A’s mom that I wouldn’t be comfortable with him being there by himself as I would be too busy with everything else going on and am inexperienced with autistic children,” he said.

“A’s mother got really upset with me, telling me I don’t understand how hard it is for single moms to get alone time, and how A would be devastated that he wouldn’t be able to attend and how happy he was to attend a party since he rarely gets invited to things, among other things.”

“A’s mom is now going around saying I “uninvited ” her son because of his autism, causing parents to throw shade at me. The parents that are staying offered to help with A, but they also have little to no experience with autistic children either. One parent on my side said A’s mother did this to her at her son’s party, and he definitely is a handful, so not to feel bad.”

Regardless, he’s left wondering if he shouldn’t have told A’s mom that he didn’t want her son to sleep over.

What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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