Her 51-Year-Old Dad Is Having A Baby With Her Stepmom, And She Does Not Want To Be A Part Of This Baby’s Life

Additionally, her stepmom is self-centered, has zero boundaries, and thinks she never does a thing wrong.

To be honest, her stepmom is the reason her dad abandoned her and her sister, and that also contributes to her not wanting to deal with her.

Last summer, her dad informed her that he and her stepmom were going to be having a baby, and their baby is due pretty soon.

She is not excited about having a half-sibling, though, and she wants nothing to do with this baby at all.

“I feel that my dad is sending the message that my sister and I were not worth sticking around for and that he’d just start a new family anyways, knowing that he’d be around even less for us,” she said.

“He knew she wanted kids and lied and said they’d never consider it. I feel so bad because I know the baby didn’t have a choice in being conceived, but I’m not comfortable being a part of their life. I don’t really want to associate with my dad or stepmom either, but my dad and I do talk occasionally.”

She’s left wondering if it would be wrong of her to stay out of her half-sibling’s life. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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