She Didn’t Invite Her Teen Brother’s Girlfriend On A Family Vacation To Paris, And Her Brother’s Girlfriend Actually Flipped Out On Her

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When this 33-year-old woman was younger, her family reportedly struggled a bit financially.

But she moved abroad when she was 23-years-old. And now that she and her husband are settled– with dual incomes from well-paying jobs– she wanted to treat her family to a nice trip.

After all, she realized that she had not been on vacation with her family since before the COVID-19 pandemic, and she had a good amount of savings.

She also did not really want to go visit her family back in her hometown– because then, the visit would turn into a catch-up with other people, and she really just wanted to see her immediate family.

So, she decided to book a trip to Paris for herself, her husband, her two children, and her parents and younger brother– who is 18.

She paid for the flights and the hotel accommodations. She also planned to pay for most of the dining and shopping expenses during the family vacation– which is set to take place during her brother’s school break for Easter.

“And all of us adults coordinated our annual leave around it,” she added.

Although, it appears that her brother told his 17-year-old girlfriend about the trip– who he has been dating for about 18 months now.

So, she started receiving a bunch of messages from his brother’s girlfriend, who claimed to be super excited about the vacation.

MarinadeArt – – illustrative purposes only

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