Her Friend Called Her Disrespectful For Bringing An “Unsuccessful” Man As Her Date To A Black-Tie Gala

Svetlana Sokolova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman works in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the tech sector. She and a lot of her friends– who she either went to college with or currently works with– are also quite well off.

So, one of her friends, who is also 25, likes to host quarterly black-tie galas, which are apparently quite fun.

“They are honestly super cool because [my friend] is great at planning events,” she said.

For this past gala in February, though, her friend had a new request. Apparently, her friend began begging her to bring a date and even started forwarding her the social media accounts of various guys they went to college or interned with.

Quite frankly, though, she admitted how she “never really vibed” with any of those guys– simply because she was super focused on her studies and did not really “click” with them.

But she does frequent an ice cream shop near her place a lot. And over time, she noticed that the person who ran the shop was a cute guy.

So, since she had been trying to step outside of her shell more, she decided to finally ask him for his number. Plus, after they started texting, she even asked if he would join her at her friend’s gala.

Now, the guy ended up agreeing– meaning that she not only finally got to go on a date with the guy she was interested in, but she also got to tell her friend that she had a surprise date. So, she was pretty excited.

Once the party actually came, though, it did not go as well as she had hoped. After the guy introduced himself, her friend reportedly seemed “kind of off-put.”

Svetlana Sokolova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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