Here’s How You Can Attract Bees And Butterflies To Your Garden

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When the weather gets warmer, all the animals begin emerging from their hibernation, including those pesky insects. Insects are thought of as nothing but a nuisance, and they can wreak havoc on your bed of flowers or crops.

But not all little critters are unwelcome. Some bugs are beneficial to your plants and are actually a pleasure to have around.

For instance, the summer season just would not be complete without the traffic of buzzing bees and colorful butterflies in your garden.

These hardworking creatures support plant life and are essential to the environment’s health.  We rely on pollinators to contribute to the growth of fruits, vegetables, and other produce.

But climate change and the rampant use of pesticides in recent years have led to the destruction and loss of the areas they call home.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that the number of honey bee hives in the country has decreased from six million in the 1940s to about two million today.

And the monarch butterfly is now considered an endangered species, its population experiencing a decline of 85 percent over the past two decades.

It’s tough to imagine a future without the busy bee and beloved butterfly. The world will deteriorate without the work that they do.

But if you’ve got a garden, no matter how small, you can help them thrive. So if you want to attract more bees and butterflies and watch your garden flourish this summer, here’s how you can do it.

blackdiamond67 – – illustrative purposes only

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