She’s Refusing To Give Her Stepsister A Diamond Necklace Because It Was A Family Heirloom Gifted To Her By Her Grandma, And Her Stepsister Just Wants To Sell It

stas_malyarevsky - - illustrative purposes only

When this 20-year-old woman was younger, her mother got married to her stepfather. And in addition to gaining a new stepdad, she also gained a stepsister named Abby– who is also 20.

Now, in the beginning, she claimed that they were super close. After high school, though, things reportedly changed in their relationship.

While she went away to college, Abby stayed home to attend community college. Afterward, Abby reportedly dropped out of school to pursue a different opportunity– but that fell through, too.

She first noticed things were “off” between them when she went home for Thanksgiving break. Around that time, Abby kept blowing her off and basically refused to talk to her.

Then, come Christmas break, the same thing happened all over again. She kept calling her stepsister and sending texts, but Abby never responded to any of them.

So, she was seriously confused and decided to confide in her mom about the whole situation.

Well, her mom wound up telling her that Abby was probably just jealous. And at that point, she opted to just give her stepsister some space.

Abby’s birthday was right around the new year, though. So, she decided to order her stepsister some food on Doordash, send a bouquet of flowers, and message her a corny “happy birthday” text.

“I didn’t do any of it for her to ‘praise’ me, but I did expect a text back. But I got nothing,” she recalled.

stas_malyarevsky – – illustrative purposes only

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