Her Friend Takes Advantage Of Her And Always Expects Her To Pay For Things When They Go Out, So When Her Friend Finally Paid For A Pizza And Asked Her To To Give Her Money For It, She Snapped

After a recent night out with Dawn, she finally had to put her foot down. First, they went out for dinner and drinks.

She drove them to the restaurant and paid their entire bill. After dinner, they decided to keep drinking at Dawn’s place, where she suggested ordering a pizza.

Dawn ordered them a $15 pizza. She figured Dawn would pay, considering she had already paid their dinner bill. But no, Dawn insisted that she Venmo her $7.50 before even taking a bite of the pizza.

“I don’t know why this is when I snapped, but I did, and I told her it hurts my feelings,” she said. 

She told Dawn how she feels she does a lot for her with little in return. I mean, Dawn can’t even treat her to a few slices of pizza? Dawn kept telling her that it was all because she was rich and reminded her that she was “poor.”

She and Dawn got into a pretty nasty fight, and she still refuses to pay the $7.50. However, she does feel a bit guilty, considering doing kind things for others is something she loves to do. It’s just a shame that Dawn doesn’t return the favors.

Do you think it wasn’t fair for her to be charged for the pizza?

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