If You’re A Rose Lover, Here Are 5 Varieties You Should Add To Your Garden

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Roses have remained popular over several generations. The beautiful flowers have touched the hearts of millions across the world. Although we may not all speak the same language, people from various cultures have come to recognize the rose as a universal symbol of love.

The rose can communicate what words sometimes can’t. So it’s no surprise that the beauty of all blooms has become a staple in gardens everywhere.

Because of their intricacy and elegance, roses are considered extremely difficult to grow. But in truth, they are no more difficult to care for than most other flowers.

The challenging part is that there are hundreds of rose species out there and thousands more cultivated hybrids, so it’s easy to feel lost when trying to pick one to plant in your garden.

We’re here to help you out! Check out these five varieties to add to your garden and get to planting.


These roses are a cross between hybrid tea roses and polyanthas. They grow in large clusters, generating a striking effect on the landscape.

Few other flowers can produce so much color over such a long season. They also don’t have a very strong scent, but more fragrant varieties are starting to appear.

Floribundas are ideal for growing in large beds and mixed borders. They are hardy and more disease-resistant than the hybrid tea rose, making them easier to grow.

Gary – – illustrative purposes only

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