His Girlfriend Has Kept Their Adopted Cat In A Cone For Over A Year, So Now He’s Considering Breaking Up With Her And Taking The Cat Away

lalalululala - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

This 25-year-old guy has been dating his girlfriend, who is also 25, for over five years now. During the second half of 2021, they also moved in together and began discussing the idea of adopting a cat.

At the time, though, he was pursuing his engineering degree, and his girlfriend was attending nursing school– meaning that neither of them was able to adopt.

Still, his girlfriend apparently owned various cats before they started dating, and he was excited about the idea of caring for a new pet, too. So, following New Year’s in 2022, they thought they were finally in a good spot to adopt a feline friend.

By that point, they had enough savings to cover the whole endeavor: including veterinary bills, the adoption fee, and food. So, they began searching at multiple shelters before finally setting on an affectionate little kitten.

“I picked up a cat that was extremely friendly. It hugged me and began purring almost instantly, and that was history. We adopted that cat the next day,” he recalled.

During the first couple weeks of having their new pet, though, things were pretty stressful. Since his girlfriend was busy with nursing school, she did not get a lot of time to interact with the cat. So, he mostly learned about and took care of the cat by himself.

Then, not long afterward, he noticed that the cat started to excessively rub its left eye– rubbing the area completely raw by the time they saw the vet.

The cat was then put on some expensive anti-fungal medications and given oral and topical treatments after the vet concluded it must have contracted ringworm at the shelter.

And during the course of these meds, the cat was put in a cone to prevent any more damage from rubbing.

lalalululala – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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