In 1989, This Arizona Woman Vanished After Allegedly Leaving A Letter Behind Claiming She Was Leaving Her Husband: Her Husband Later Admitted To Signing The Letter Himself And Landed On The Suspect List

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In 1977, Pamela Page and her husband, Rob, moved to Peoria, Arizona– a suburb located just outside of Phoenix.

While their marriage appeared solid, though, the strange disappearance of 32-year-old Pamela in 1989 has raised countless questions.

It all began on July 22, 1989, when Rob returned home and realized his wife was not there. At the same time, he reportedly found a letter written by Pam.

In the correspondence, Pam claimed to have left town with another woman named Sarah. She also said that she had been planning to leave for a long time.

While later speaking with authorities, Rob said that he was embarrassed about his wife leaving him for another woman and used this as an excuse regarding why he did not immediately alert Pam’s family in Arkansas of her disappearance.

Four days after Pam went missing, though, her oldest sister, Trena, called the house. At that point, Trena learned what had happened but just could not believe it.

“It seemed out of character for her not to let anyone know where she was. But I didn’t think about that at first. I just had one thing on my mind– getting word to somebody that Pam was missing,” she recalled.

Once Pam’s father, Willie Frisby, was alerted, he also asked to see a copy of the letter. So, Rob faxed his father-in-law a copy, and Willie detailed how he was immediately concerned.

“When I received that faxed letter, I knew that something was very wrong. For one thing, I looked at the signature. I had birthday cards and letters from Pam, and the signature wasn’t her signature,”

Olexandr – – illustrative purposes only

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