In 2015, This Young Woman Vanished After Publishing A Post On Facebook Seeking A “Texting Buddy,” And Her Abandoned Car Was Later Found With The Keys Still In The Ignition

Police also realized that the car had a flat tire– leading them to rule out robbery as a possible motive in Larissa’s disappearance.

Authorities then launched their investigation– gathering surveillance footage from a neighbor who resided right across the street from where the 22-year-old’s car had been parked.

The footage ultimately revealed that Larissa had not been driving her car. Instead, a young man actually reversed her vehicle into the abandoned home’s driveway before exiting the car and running away at about 5:01 a.m.

Then, soon after that discovery, an unknown individual posted on Facebook suggesting that Larissa might have been kidnapped and transported to a different country.

This pushed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to get involved in the local police’s investigation, and authorities followed up on leads regarding the Facebook post.

In the end, though, the FBI determined that the lead was likely fake and could have just been an attempt to extort Larissa’s family.

And unfortunately, no further developments were ever made in Larissa’s case– meaning that she has remained missing for over seven years now.

Her friends and loved ones have not given up on the search. They created a Facebook page entitled “Love For Larissa Sam” to spread awareness about her case and keep her memory alive.

“We will share memories and thoughts of her to keep uplifting the spirits of those that are continuing to search and pray for her return,” the page reads.

At the time of her disappearance, Larissa was five foot seven, weighed about 135 pounds, and had dyed black hair and brown eyes.

She had various tattoos– including stars across the back of her shoulders, the word “Princess” across her upper chest, and tattoos of a cupcake, candies, musical notes, and an ice cream cone.

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