She Doesn’t Want Her Aunt At Her Wedding And Insisted Her Aunt Would Be Escorted Out Of The Event If She Showed Up, But Her Dad Thinks She Needs To “Take The Higher Ground”

AntonioDiaz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old woman is currently engaged to be married in June. And about a month ago, she finally sent out all of her wedding invites.

She comes from a pretty big family, mainly because her mother is one of six children. Still, everyone in her family is invited to the event.

Well, except for one of her aunts, who she has a seriously complicated relationship with.

Apparently, when she was younger, she and her aunt were super close. Her aunt took on the “cool aunt” role– acting crazy, unpredictably, and essentially allowing her to do or buy anything she wanted.

As she grew up, though, it became clear that her parents probably should not have entrusted her aunt with the care of kids. According to her, this is because her aunt is a compulsive liar who will do anything for attention.

When she was in high school, for instance, her aunt pretended to take her on a weekend trip to California but really just wound up kidnapping her. Her aunt even held her for ransom against her parents!

Then, in college, she decided to give her aunt a second chance. But that just got her hurt again.

“[My aunt] kicked me out onto the street, leading to me being homeless for over a month in a state where I had no family besides her to turn to for help,” she recalled.

“For me, that was my last straw.”

AntonioDiaz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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