She Plans To Sell Her Brother And Sister-In-Law’s Belongings And Keep The Earnings For Her Niece’s Future Since They Passed Away, But Her Sister-In-Law’s Family Believes They Are Entitled To The Items

“I think they maybe had $5,000 between them,” she said.

Regardless of that, though, she was still absolutely livid after her sister-in-law’s family tried to swoop in and take all remaining assets without considering Isla.

So, she told the family that Isla would be staying with her and her husband. She also detailed how, aside from any sentimental items, most of her brother and sister-in-law’s remaining possessions would be sold in an estate sale alongside the cars.

Then, she planned to put 100 percent of the earnings from those sales into a bank account and college fund for Isla.

After all, she figured that’s what her brother and sister-in-law would have wanted for their daughter. And since they had not opened a bank account for Isla yet, she and her husband decided to take that step.

“Our son, Luke, is the same age as Isla, and we would want for her to be set financially, just as we have started for Luke,” she reasoned.

If you could not have guessed, though, her sister-in-law’s family tried to fight back about this. They claimed that it was not fair and that they lost her sister-in-law, too.

So, they tried to say her sister-in-law would have wanted them to take some of those belongings.

Apparently, her sister-in-law’s mother and nephew really wanted the two cars because they could not afford vehicles of their own. At the same time, though, she recognized how neither of them offered to help raise Isla.

Instead, they claimed they would occasionally babysit when needed but said Isla would have to figure out her future finances on her own “if” she decides to pursue a college education.

And according to her, the only reason why her sister-in-law’s family used the word “if” was because none of them attended college– so they believed Isla might do the same.

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