She Was Going To Pay For Her Daughter And Her Daughter’s Friends To Go On Vacation, But After Her Daughter Said One Of Her Friends Would Look Fat In Photos And Uninvited This Friend, She Canceled The Trip

“Long story short, I insisted Abby should apologize to Betty for body shaming her and reminded her how horrible she felt when people did it to her not even more than a year ago. I also threatened to cancel the vacation if she didn’t apologize because although I am glad she is so confident in her own skin now, it is not an excuse to put others down. She stormed off and went to her dad.”

Not long after that, Max called her, and he was furious. He yelled at her for making up a reason to call off the trip. He also told her she should not cancel the trip at all, but she shot back that he was just allowing Abby to be a bully before hanging up on him.

Next, she called Abby to say she wasn’t required to re-invite Betty on their vacation, but she did need to say sorry for being so cruel to her.

Well, Abby didn’t say sorry to Betty, but Abby did attempt to get Betty to lie on her behalf about why she isn’t going on the trip.

“When Betty said no, she sent a ton of hateful texts and body-shaming insults I can’t even write down,” she said.

“Betty sent me screenshots so I canceled the vacation. My ex tried to rebook but it’s a very popular place with a long waiting list so soon after I canceled, the girls were replaced with other people.”

Abby and Max now think she’s horrible for canceling the trip, and Abby is currently not speaking to her. While she does have a few friends that think she handled this the right way, she also has a couple of other friends who don’t agree.

She’s left wondering if it was wrong of her to cancel Abby’s trip for how she treated Betty. What do you think?

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