She’s An Etiquette Expert Describing The Importance Of Etiquette Through A Few Personal Stories That Occurred To Her During Her College Years

So she became well-versed in etiquette to teach others to overcome the struggle of learning the rules of fine dining or how to behave in other formal settings.

“I have been an etiquette expert and consultant for years because I don’t want my girls and my guys to miss out on opportunities to enjoy themselves or even have professional interactions because they’re not quite sure what to do in upscale or professional environments,” said Coreea.

Knowing how to navigate upscale luxury environments will allow you to present yourself with confidence and open up your world to more opportunities.

In a formal or professional atmosphere, proper manners and behaviors play an essential part in making a favorable impression.

They are signs that indicate your competence and social grace, showing that you know how to conduct yourself. Therefore, learning the list of do’s and don’ts will help lead to professional success.


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