After His Friend Called Him A “Corporate Stooge” And Said His Work Wasn’t Doing The World Any Good, He Pointed Out How At Least He Actually Got A Job He Wanted

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This 28-year-old guy currently works as a project manager for a big tech company. And honestly, he really likes his job and is quite proud of the work he does.

He still talks regularly with three of his friends from college, though, and recently, his enthusiasm about his own job rubbed one the wrong way.

The particular friend in question is a 28-year-old woman named Emily who went to medical school and realized she was super passionate about pediatrics. So, naturally, she had big dreams of becoming a pediatrician.

Unfortunately, though, Emily didn’t end up matching to pediatrics for her residency. Instead, she got matched with internal medicine and was seriously disappointed.

“She plans on completing her residency and then trying to re-apply for pediatrics through some process,” he explained.

Regardless, the whole situation has apparently left Emily feeling a bit bitter– because even though they have been friends for years, she recently took some anger out on him.

It all began when he and his three friends were all catching up on Zoom this week. Then, during the conversation, he decided to bring up a project he had recently helped launch at his company.

“I was honestly thrilled about the role I played and wanted to share it with my friends,” he recalled.

Emily wound up being the first person to respond to his accomplishment, though. And quite frankly, she was really rude.

Spectral-Design – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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