His Wife Never Saves Him Any Dinner Even Though He Gets Home Very Late From Work Every Night, So He Brought It Up And Got Called Lazy

ivanko80 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old guy and his wife, who is 26, have been together for over four years now. And according to him, they always had a very solid, love-filled relationship with one another.

Ever since they got married a year ago and got a one-bedroom apartment recently, though, he feels like things have shifted.

For context, he works very long hours during the week– somethings not even having any days off from work. So, he averages between 75 and 80 clocked hours per work week.

Due to this, he brings home the bulk of their money. In fact, his paychecks actually account for nearly 80% of their overall income.

“Not that it affects how I think of her and our relationship,” he said.

Besides, his wife is able to provide other things. For instance, she buys more “fun” groceries– like sweets and snacks. Plus, when they go out together, his wife can pay for things like drinks or server tips.

He really appreciates that, too, and makes sure to thank her whenever she pays.

On top of her monetary contributions, his wife also handles a majority of the chores in their apartment. So, he is essentially the one just paying for the bulk of their life– including rent, utilities, groceries, toiletries, outings, clothes, makeup, and all of that.

But his wife works in an extremely different field than him, where she only has three or four shifts per week. And apparently, the shifts are only an average of six to seven hours each work day– which has created some problems in his relationship.

ivanko80 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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