She Started Crying After People Said That A Picture Of Her And Her 19-Year-Old Daughter In Bikinis On A Cancun Vacation Was Not Appropriate To Put On Social Media

analeo - - illustrative purposes only

This 56-year-old woman has two teenage children– a daughter named Linda, who is 19, and a son named Connor, who is 16.

And in an attempt to connect more with her kids, she decided to get Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

Now, she admits that she is still getting the hang of social media platforms. But Connor helped show her how they worked.

Her husband Bill, who is 55, has absolutely no interest in social media, though, since “its just not his thing.”

Regardless, she hoped to figure out the platforms to stay in touch with the teens.

Anyway, she and Linda wound up taking a vacation to Cancun for spring break. This was something they talked about during the COVID-19 lockdown, and they were really looking forward to it.

And while on the trip, she and her daughter took a lot of beautiful photos. So, for her first post on social media, she decided to use a Cancun picture.

“I figured it would be extremely sweet if it was a photo of Linda and me at the beach,” she recalled.

Unfortunately, though, the photo of her and her daughter in bikinis was not perceived well by everyone.

analeo – – illustrative purposes only

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