A Stranger Offered To Pay For Her Uber Ride Home Out Of The Blue, And He Never One Asked Her Where She Needed To Actually Go

Aarrttuurr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’ve had a long night out and notice that someone in your group has had a little too much to drink, it’s always courteous to get them a ride home and make sure they get there safely.

It’s common for friends to do that for each other, but how would you feel if a stranger offered to buy you an Uber ride home out of the blue?

One woman recently had a creepy run-in with a stranger who approached her at a bar and ordered her a ride home without asking where she needed to go. 

“The other day, when my car was in the shop, and I was in the mood to chill at the bar and eat some greasy food, I texted my friend and asked if she wanted to go with me,” she explained. 

Her friend drove them to the bar but eventually had to leave in the middle because of another obligation. She was fine with that and told her friend she would call an Uber to get home.

As soon as her friend left the bar, a tall, bald man who appeared to be in his mid-60s took her seat. At that point, she was waiting for her takeout food order and searching for an Uber to take her home. Unfortunately, she had a hard time finding one, and the man noticed. 

He unexpectedly offered her a ride home, and she politely refused, telling him she’d rather wait for an Uber. 

A few minutes later, he told her that he was able to find a Lyft that would be at the bar in four minutes. She couldn’t determine how that was possible, considering he didn’t know her home address. Where did he instruct the Lyft to take her?

“I tell him I’m going to find my own Uber, but thank you,” she recalled.

Aarrttuurr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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