Brighten Up Your Patio By Growing Roses In Containers, And Here’s How You Can Get Started

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You might think that roses can only be grown in the form of giant bushes or shrubs. So have you ever considered that you can actually grow them in pots?

Potted roses create a focal point in your garden, adding bold color and fragrance without occupying too much space like a thick shrub.

They are also easier to maintain because you have more control over the flower’s growing conditions. So if you want to brighten up your outdoor area, keep reading to learn how to grow roses in containers.

Here are the best types of roses to grow in pots. They stay on the smaller side.

  • Miniature
  • Polyantha
  • Patio
  • Ground cover

Here are roses to avoid growing in pots. These flowers tend to sprawl out, making them difficult to grow in a contained space.

  • Climbing rose
  • Grandiflora
  • Shrub roses
  • Hybrid tea rose

So once you have settled on a variety to grow, choose a container that is large and tall since roses have extensive root systems.

The soil in pots warms up more quickly than garden soil, so avoid darker-colored pots because they absorb more heat. Also, make sure your pot has sufficient drainage holes.

LukeS – – illustrative purposes only

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