She Disappeared Just Two Days After Winning $1,000 In The Ohio Lottery, And Then Her Car Was Found With The Keys Still In It

Ohio Attorney General - pictured above is Lori

Lori Ann Boffman of Youngstown, Ohio, was a mother of three known to be extremely kind and loving.

And on August 4, 2006, it appeared that the 45-year-old had experienced a nice stroke of luck. That day, Lori was the proud winner of $1,000 from the Ohio Lottery.

So, she was understandably ecstatic and had plans to share the sum with her family members over the following days.

On August 5, at about 4:00 a.m., she even visited her local grocery store with an unidentified man. While there, Lori placed a large order for groceries– totaling $500– and planned to take the goods to a family party the following day.

The party was being held to celebrate the fact that one of her children, who had been in college at the time, was visiting home.

So by the time August 6, 2006, rolled around, Lori was beyond excited. She woke up and got ready to attend the party– which was being held at a park in Youngstown.

Later, though, the 45-year-old’s family would tell investigators that they noticed Lori acting strange and behaving erratically on the day of the celebration. But, at the time, they figured that might’ve just been due to a new medication that Lori had just started taking.

Then, once the party was underway, the 45-year-old actually left with another unnamed friend at about 6:30 p.m. According to some reports, Lori had planned to drop her friend off at home, as well as some leftover food from the party.

Afterward, she planned to go back to her own house, change clothes, and pick up the same friend again to return to the celebration.

Ohio Attorney General – pictured above is Lori

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