After Her Bad Babysitting Experience With One Family, She Told All Of Her Friends About The Situation, And Now The Mom Is Upset With Her Because Nobody Wants To Watch This Little Girl Now

Mr. Music - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or child

This young woman is currently in college, and she babysits on the side in order to make money. She really enjoys babysitting, as she adores kids.

She has had a couple of terrible experiences while babysitting, but none of those experiences ever amounted to something she wasn’t capable of handling.

Well, that was up until several days ago. Recently, she babysat for a couple who decided to go out to celebrate their anniversary.

Initially, things were off to a wonderful start, and their toddler daughter was very kind. She then began to realize that the little girl was super sick.

The little girl started throwing up, and she did her best to care for her as she attempted to get a hold of the little girl’s mom and dad.

Unfortunately, neither parent returned her calls. As the night wore on, though, the little girl continued to be sick and then started running a fever.

She once more called up the little girl’s mom and dad, and they still did not answer the phone. She was seriously concerned for the little girl, so she made the decision to call a doctor.

The doctor she spoke to at first mentioned she couldn’t come in as she was not related to the little girl, but after she told them what was happening and how she was freaking out, they agreed to see the little girl.

She then texted the little girl’s parents to say she was taking her to the doctor, and she also left them a note at their house.

Mr. Music – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or child

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