After Her Teen Son Made A Nasty Comment About A Zookeeper Loud Enough For Everyone Near Them To Hear, She Signed Him Up To Volunteer At The Zoo For A Week

Ekaterina Pokrovsky - - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever been to your local zoo and seen one of the zookeepers in action? Being a zookeeper is a hard job that often requires a lot of manual and physical labor. 

One woman wasn’t pleased with her teenager’s attitude towards a zookeeper on a recent outing with her kids, and she found an effective way to teach him a lesson. 

She’s a divorced mom who has primary custody of her three kids. She has a 16-year-old son, and the other two kids are 12 and 8. 

Recently, she decided to take them to the zoo. The younger kids were excited to be there, but her teenage son wasn’t thrilled.

Then, while they passed by a zookeeper who was working hard to clean up a giraffe exhibit, her son made a comment she was not happy with. 

“To my surprise, my 16-year-old son pointed and said to his brother, ‘That’s why you do good in school, I guess, or you end up scooping poop for a job!'” she recalled. 

“He said it loud, too. The keeper and nearby guests surely heard. I was very embarrassed.”

They left the zoo soon after, and she confronted her son, asking him where he learned to talk like that. Then, she tried explaining to them that many zookeepers have master’s degrees and work very hard.

However, her son remained ignorant and began to say worse things about the zookeeper’s profession. He said that people who do ‘menial work’ like that aren’t using their intellect and that ‘anyone’ could do their job.

Ekaterina Pokrovsky – – illustrative purposes only

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