After She Saw What Her Cousin Did To Their Grandma’s Heirloom Engagement Ring, She Said She Ruined It

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Is there a special heirloom in your family that has been passed down through generations? For example, a common tradition in many families is to pass down an engagement ring that’s been worn by different women in the family. 

One woman was devastated to discover that her cousin had altered their grandmother’s heirloom engagement ring for her wedding, and now their relationship is on the rocks.

She’s 26-years-old and single. She has two cousins, Jane and Amy, who are in relationships. Jane is 33-years-old and married, and Amy is 28 and recently married her husband, John.

Right before Amy got engaged, their grandmother gave John her diamond ring to use for his proposal. 

“This ring is a gorgeous white gold and diamond ring that our grandpa gave her,” she explained.

“He died when our dads were teens. My grandma has since remarried and always said that she’d pass on the ring.”

Deep down, she had always hoped she would be given the diamond ring when she got older, but she is the youngest cousin and will be the last of the three girls to marry. So, she learned to accept that the ring wouldn’t be hers. 

This past weekend was Amy’s wedding. She and Jane decided to go to Amy’s hotel room to help her get ready. While they were there, Amy asked if they’d like to see the rings.

She was immediately startled when Amy showed her a diamond ring that looked nothing like their grandmother’s. 

narstudio – – illustrative purposes only

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