Flavored Water Has Been All Over TikTok, And Here’s How She Makes What She Calls Nerds Ocean Water

Brent Hofacker - - illustrative purposes only

We all know that water is a drink that is imperative to our survival. But do you ever get sick of drinking it? Because I do. It’s so plain and has no taste; therefore, it can be super boring.

For people who have a hard time staying hydrated and want to jazz up their everyday water intake, flavored water is the way to go.

Flavored water has been all over TikTok. People are creating more interesting and tasty beverages out of flavored syrups or powder packets in an effort to get themselves to drink more water.

TikToker and teacher Keely Lindler (@keelylindler) has jumped on this trend, and she’s trying out a new flavor she calls Nerds Ocean Water.

Her video has received over a million views from those who have found themselves on #WaterTok.

Recently, Keely obtained the Sonic Ocean Water powdered drink mix packets, which she mixed into her water. But after trying it out, she wasn’t satisfied with the results.

So she decided to adjust her water recipe by adding a Nerds strawberry flavor packet. She filmed the video documenting her experiment in her classroom.

Before school was in session, she combined the Sonic Ocean Water flavor and the Nerds strawberry flavor with ice water into her cup.

Then, she tried the mixture on camera. After taking a sip, Keely declared that the combination was strong but delicious.

Brent Hofacker – – illustrative purposes only

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